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At the Woods' Edge
An Anthology of the History of the People of Kanehsatà:ke
by Brenda Gabriel and Arlette Kawanatatie Van den Hende
Published by the Kanehsat
à:ke Tsi Ronterihwanónhnha ne Kanien'kéha Cultural and Language Centre

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A l'orée des bois
Une anthologie de l'histoire du peuple de Kanehsatà:ke
de Brenda Gabriel et Arlette Kawanatatie Van den Hende
publié par le centre de culture et de langue Tsi Ronterihwanónhnha ne Kanien'kéha 
Traduction française de Francine Lemay

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The narative unfolds very simply to describe a family's relationship in terms of love. Great for very young children. From a collaboration between Tsi Ronterihwanónhnha and Kanien'kéha Otióhkwa. Written and translated by Kahentinéhtha Beverly Beauvais, illustrated by Shahoié:ren Kevin Proulx. Available in Kanien'kéha and English.
Tsá:ta Nihá:ti Tehatinonniahkhwa
The Seven Dancers
How seven children became the constellation known as the Pleiades. Adapted by Kawinónhsen Audrey Nelson, illustrated by Brenda Gabriel. Text in Kanieh'kéha and English.
Tsi Ní:iot Tsi Tiotá:sawen Tsi Anó:wara Ra'nowáke Iohontsá:te
The Creation Story
This is an important legent for the Kanien'keha:ka told in three parts. Adapted by Wathathine Marylene Nicholas and Warisos Josephine Gabriel. Illustrated by Brenda Gabriel and Shahoié:ren Kevin Proulx.
Part 1 tells the story of how the world was created. Part 2 reveals Sky Woman's life on Turtle Island. Part 3 deals with the birth of the twins and the classic battle of good and evil.
Text in Kanien'kéha/English/French.
The Hermit Thrush
How a little bird cheated to get the Creator's most beautiful song.
Adapted by Kawinónhsen Audrey Nelson. Illlustrated by Katsi'tsakwas Ellen Gabriel.
Text in Kanien'kéha/English/French.
The Thunderers
Shows us why we should not be afraid of our grandfathers, the Thunderers, after they heal a sick child. 
Adapted by Kawinonsen Audrey Nelson.  Illustrated by Wahiaronkwas David.
Text in Kanien'kéha/English/French.
Tsi Ní:iot Rotiiena:'on Ne Rotiskeré:wake 
ne Ononhkwa'shón:'a Rontenonhkwa'tseranón:ha
How the Bear Clan Became the Medecin Keepers
A woman of the Bear Clan takes in a sickly elderly man after the other clans refuse him. 
Adapted by Skaronhianón:we Hattie Nelson. Illustrated by Wahiarónkwas David.
Text in Kanien'kéha/English/French.
Tsikeren'tania'k Oka:ra
The Legend of the Tree Toad
A little girl finds out just how ugly her bad behavior really is.
Adapted by Tewateronhiakhwa Mina Beauvais. Illustrated by Shahorié:ren Kevin Proulx.
Text in Kanien'kéha/English/French.

Tsi Rawennakerá:ton ne Skén:nen Rón:nis
The Birth of the Peacemaker: Tekanawí:ta

This volume tells the story of the birth of Tekanawí:ta, and why he was sent to Mother Earth by the Creator.
Adapted by Tewateronhiákhwa Mina Beauvais. Illustrated by Shahoié:ren Kevin Proulx.
Text in Kanien'kéha/English/French.
Raksá:'a Tánon ne Rohsótha Tsi Niieiénthos Nikahá:wi
The Boy and His Grandfather At Planting Time
An original story. As a young boy and his grandfather spend time in the garden, the boy learns an important lesson about responsibility.
Written and translated by Skawénnati Madeleine Montour. Illustraded by Katsi'tsakwas Ellen Gabriel.
Text in Kanien'kéha.
Sewahió:wane Wahohiaién:ta'ne
He Got An Apple
An original story. An exciting day in the life of a young caterpillar!  From a collaboration between Tsi Ronterihwanónhnha and Kanien'kéha Owén:na Otióhkwa.
Written, translated and illlustrated by Konwatsi'tsaién:ni Rita Phillips.
Text in Kanien'kéha/English/French.
Akitshé:nen Rahón:tsi
My Pet, Blackie
An original story about a boy and his pet dog, Blackie, and the adventures they have together.
From a collaboration between Tsi Ronterihwanónhnha and Kaien'kéha Otióhkwa.
Written and translated by by Kahentorétha Marie Cross. Illustrated by Shahorié:ren Kevin Proulx.
Text in Kanien'kéha/English/French.
Onó:ra Kaia'tón:ni Oká:ra
The Corn Husk Doll
An original adaptation of the popular legend, The Corn Husk Doll. It eloquently illustrates that real beauty is on the inside, even for a faceless doll.
Adapted by Karonhianó:ron Alice McDonald. Illustrated by Brenda Gabriel.
Text in Kanien'kéha/English/French.